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Cheryl Dale sits on the left surrounded by her daughters, Danielle sitting on the right, Destiny holding Chesney standing on the left and Domonique standing on the right. The whole family is excited about being able to leave their two bedroom mobile home behind for a three bedroom house on our Crouch Mesa lots. Cheryl works at the Dino's Convenience Store on CR 390. Consequently, the new house on Crouch Mesa will be very close to work.

The Tres Rios Habitat Board feels we have a great family and are ready to get the construction phase going. Look for an announcement about a groundbreaking ceremony soon.


Yvonne is the Vice President of Finance for Animas Credit Union. She came to Farming-ton in February, 014. She is a CPA and has her own client base that dates back to 1993. When Yvonne called the office to volunteer her services, she said she could be a Board member, work on our financial books, or assist with building. We immediately called her and said we needed her to do all of those things. In the two months she has been with our Board, Yvonne has been working to clear up old IRS omissions and will be setting up our financial records. We feel blessed to have Yvonne on our Board. She is a very positive and enthusiastic person. Her interests include snow skiing, fencing, history and art, horseback riding, rodeos, traveling to fabulous locations, water sports, country music, movies, concerts, and dancing. We hope all of you will have an opportunity to meet and enjoy Yvonne.


714 W. Main St., Farmington, NM 87401

While the affiliate gains a new partner family The Habitat Store continues to gain donors and supporters. Our spring season has been consistent as we provide new and gently used materials to the area. The store team recently cleared out a 12,000 square foot second hand store that had gone out of business. After some wonderful cooperation with several local charities the difficult task was complete in three days. The store item count has grown and we are finding that community members appreciate our efforts. Every week brings new challenges but our volunteers are ready to make more progress. A big thank you goes out to our pick up team, their reliability allows us to serve donors when they cannot transport large items. Daniel Evans, Store Director

Daniel Evans is our Habitat Store Manager

Daniel Evans has strong ties in San Juan County. He was born and raised in Farmington and graduated from Farmington High School. He received his Bachelors from New Mexico State University and has spent the last several years working at the Lowes Home Improvement store as a sales specialist and later as a department manager. He does community work through volunteer hours with the Connie Mack World Series and Emmanuel Baptist Church.


Severe water damage on the roof and in the floors left two veterans wondering how they would ever get the house fixed the way they wanted. Home Depot pledged $18,000.00 in materials to help solve the problem. They then partnered with Tres Rios Habitat to provide the supervision expertise and volunteers for much of the labor. The picture above shows the flat roof portion of the house which is being replaced with trusses. Michael Jackson and several volunteers put up the trusses and roofing. Now the project continues with drywall, new decking on the floor and finish work. Watch for special announcements in emails for an opportunity to help in this project. The house is located at 205 Manana, from Court St. go East on Shiprock. At the dead end turn left. 205 is the blonde brick on the left.


The Tres Rios Habitat Board approved sending $500.00 to Habitat International to be used in providing tents to Nepali residents left homeless by the recent earthquake. While our primary mission is providing homes for low income families in San Juan County, we are pleased to send help to those in special need in such a poor country that has been devastated by the earthquake.

State Tax Credits Still Available

Make a donation of $300 or more to Tres Rios Habitat and receive both a credit on federal taxes for a donation and half that amount in New Mexico State Tax Credits!

If you want to talk with someone about the tax credits, call 326-5379 and leave a message asking Frank Hayes, Treasurer, to give you a call.

Tres Rios Habitat is able to give state tax credits for donations of $300.00 or more. We received these additional credits when we were applying for tax credits to give to Animas Valley Land and Water Co. for selling us five lots at a reduced cost. Our state office for Habitat for Humanity describes the benefits of the tax credits. "New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue is offering tax credits to individuals or businesses that donate land, buildings, cash or services to eligible affordable housing projects, such as Habitat for Humanity. The tax credit is equal to 50% of the value of the donation, and can go towards any State income taxes, gross receipts taxes and compensating taxes (excluding local option gross receipts tax imposed by a municipality or county, or the government gross receipts tax). The tax credits may be carried over for up to five years and may be transferred one time to any individual or business. In addition to receiving a tax credit, you may also write off your donation as a charitable contribution on your federal taxes. " If you want to make a donation and take advantage of these tax credits, send your check to Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 324, Farmington, NM 87499 or call the office 326-5379 and ask someone to call you back with more details. You may also contact us with questions via email at: habitatsanjuan@gmail.com


Tres Rios Habitat is not a partner agency with the San Juan County United Way. However, contributors may designate their gifts to go to our organization. When your company has its United Way Fund campaign, please encourage your friends and associates to designate your gifts to Tres Rios Habitat. The United Way will see that we receive all of the funds that are designated to us. Federal workers may also designate funds to Tres Rios Habitat. Our combined campaign number is: 72381.

We can provide a great deal of funding for the work of low income housing in San Juan County when we share our personal enthusiasm with others and ask them to designate their gifts to support our efforts.


While we acknowledge the large donations made by corporations, we want to remember those other donations that are received from individuals. At the current time, we receive monthly gifts from several persons. These gifts mount up and allow the organization to pay for new houses or other bills that keep a nonprofit organization functioning and on task. If you are willing to make a one-time donation or to give on a regular basis, please make your check or money order to Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity and send it to PO Box 324, Farmington, NM 87499.

Habitat for Humanity is always grateful for help and involvement, including cash donations, building materials and labor.

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